Thursday, January 5, 2017

My New Years Challenge

So a new year. What comes with a new year, New Year's resolutions. This year I decided to skip the New Years resolutions flu-fla and do Challenges instead. I figured challenges could be simple and quick. It could be a xx number of days challenge, which could be as little as a few days to as long as you want. The whole purpose was to make my challenges simple and quick. One action with one rule on a set number of days and record them on a calendar.

I’m out of shape (round is a shape) like most people my age. Instead of New Year's Resolution to get back in shape, which can mean gym, running, and spending countless hours working out. That's time I don’t have and just thinking about it puts a sour taste in my mouth. So my first challenge is a 30-day pushup challenge. To keep it simple, on the first day do as many pushups that I could do. The consecutive days to follow try to beat the previous day's number of pushups. Simple! Right? On day one I did 10. Let me tell it was a real wake-up call for me. Huffing and puffing trying to squeeze that last pushup, muscles screaming at me saying “that's enough.” "Ten pushups, that’s it" I kept thinking to myself. Boy did I let myself go? I remember back in my younger days I could do a hundred (like how an old fish story goes). I told myself, to keep going, you have to start somewhere.

Now on day five I did 16. How do I feel? My body feels sore, but in a good way and every day the soreness is going away. I also feel stronger, even though it's only five days I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Will this make a difference? Who knows but it’s already making a difference mentally in me. Next month I’m thinking of doing a setup challenge, boy is that going to be fun. I’ll keep you updated on this challenge.

Now to be clear, I’m not a doctor nor a professional medical guru. What I do, I do at my own risk. If choose to do what I do, then you do at your own risk. Consult your doctor before trying any exercise or dieting. I don’t want to be sued, you know.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Photo of the week

This weeks photo is brought to you by Pixabay

Here is the link (below) to get this free image.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Years

As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome in 2017. I wish you the very best and leave you this piece of good fortune…..

Monday, September 19, 2016

Automatic Car Wash Tip

In automatic car washes, the basic wash is just as good as the deluxe one. Those three color soaps in the deluxe are just gimmicks, a ploy designed to get you to pay more for  the same thing. All the actual cleaning of  the car is done with regular soaps, which are  included in every package.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Picture of the week, August 16, 2016

Stuff animal fun. Hang in there little buddies.

I found this website Pixbay, which has free images that you may download, modify, distribute, and use them royalty free for anything you like, even in commercial applications.  Website:

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Our Trip To Taos, New Mexico

Its our ten year anniversary and we wanted to go someplace on the quite side and laid back. So Taos, New Mexico it was. We've been there a few times and always liked it. The mountains are beautiful the culture and history is wonderful. Since we live in Albuquerque, NM the travel is not that long, 135 miles north, a little over two hour drive. I'll share some photos with you.

Camel Rock. Just north of Santa Fe, between Espanola and Santa Fe.

Gorge Bridge, West of Taos.

More photos of the Gorge Bridge and Rio Grande Gorge State Park. More info can be found on wiki.

A screen shot of me catching a Pokemon at a bar. Yea I play Pokemon Go, purely research though.

The Food is great.
Chicken Pot Pie
Green chile cheese burger. 

Hoped you enjoyed our little vacation. More to come. This was a great travel experience that I wanted to share it with you. Because of that, i'm getting ready to start a new blog website, where I travel around New Mexico. And what a coincidence the website is called "Around New Mexico" at Still in the works but its coming soon.